So following purchasing film production company VPN server, the next step is to down load the Netflix application and this can be downloaded concurrently that you downloaded VPN Share. When you go to the Netflix website, you will see that there exists two ways of obtaining the application. There is also a free way and a paid way. Seeing that we are considering getting the VPN Express totally free, in that case we uses the totally free method.

When you log on to the Netflix web page, you will need to go to ‘My Account’ and then simply click on’VPN’. Another stage is to click the option known as ‘Create VPN Connection’ where you have to give the proper details like your IP address, username and your purpose of using the VPN. After you complete filling the form, you will enjoy an icon on the top proper corner of the screen which says’Setup VPN Express’. You can now proceed to packing the application which normally takes quite some time.

After the VPN setup, the next action you will notice would be that the screen looks weird, because it is not adequately aligned. This can be the same problem message that you got when you were planning to connect to the Samsung’s wise tv using the default VPN settings. If you want to solve the mistake loading Netflix application around the Samsung’s bright TV, the very first thing you can do is to connect to the net using an additional computer while using VPN empowered. When you do this kind of, you should not watch any mistake message or anything on the display.